You Can’t Experience Dubrovnik w/o Marija and Zlatko

Everywhere I travel, I make it a point to seek out where the locals are and how they live – how else are you ever going to truly experience a city’s culture through food, drink and people? This trip to Dubrovnik was no different, other than the fact that Marija and Zlatko are at the top of the charts! I could write a short – or long :] – story diving into every intricacy of the night and highlight every moment with the utmost detail to captivate not only your interest, but your imagination and salivary glands. My two brothers, father, uncle and I had the absolute pleasure of spending our first evening with these two beautiful people. Start to finish was an absolute pleasure with the perfect combination of food, drink, conversation and laughter. I would love to dive into the simple yet deliciousness of the freshly dried figs, home infused liqueurs, local wines, cheeses, meats and oils, or the traditional fire cooked main course followed by decadent sweets, but to completely understand how great Marija and Zlatko and their mission is, you need to experience it for yourself. I whole heartedly believe that you cannot visit Dubrovnik, let along Croatia, without spending an evening at their humble abode. I am happy to have found such great people in such a beautiful place and I cannot wait until my return to spend another evening with my newfound friends. Until next time. Cheers!

Wyatt Earp :] and Family

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