Terrific food, and even more terrific hosts!

The previous comments on this site are so “on-the-mark” that there’s no reason to repeat what has already been so eloquently said by others. Let us just add that no matter how terrific the food we ate, the warmth of our hosts was even more so. Within minutes of meeting Marija and Zlatko, we already felt like family. We didn’t feel like guests, we felt like long-lost relatives. And when Zlatko’s daughter arrived, and later their son, the family feeling was even stronger.
So despite their business’ name “Eat with Locals,” dining with Marija and Zlatko should more accurately be called “Eat with your Dubrovnik family.” You’ll go for the food (which as everyone else has commented is incredibly good), but you’ll leave with new relatives.

Eric & Nancy Garen

Los Angeles, California

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