There were 9 of us at the dinner party and what a fantastic dinner party it was. Marija and Zlatko were perfect hosts and we felt like friends around for a evening of good food and conversation. The food was amazing. Beautifully prepared and so fresh, the nicest we had had since arriving in Europe 3 weeks earlier. We were also given the chance to try some home made cherry and walnut liqueurs- so good. We had a mix of fresh salads, homemade cheeses, bread, prosciutto and salamis which were all lovely and a dish of anchovies which I thought I would not enjoy but to my surprise they were lovely, it is all in the way they are prepared. Of course the starters were the lead up to the main dish which was the Peka prepared the traditional way with burning coals on top of a huge covered metal dish . Zlatko was the one who changed the coals and stirred the dish and each time he opened the lid the aroma was amazing. Conversation flowed freely as did the wine and then we were treated to the cooked lamb and potatoes of the Peka dish. Hard to describe how good this was. Meat so tender, crispy potatoes, fantastic sauce in the pot that was ladled out on our plates rich with herbs and pot juices. Just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore the most delightful plum strudel was served and a plate of the best tasting watermelon. What a fantastic night it was. As we waddled down the steps we said goodbye to a great fun night out. Make sure when you are in Dubrovnik you don’t miss out on enjoying this wonderful night with Marija and Zlatko.

Marilyn Kent


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