It might be that you think this is experience is to expensive, or that it might not be that special, but there is something very special with this experience. It was me and my fiancée first visit to Croatia, and I as a food lover wanted to experience the true Croatian food. My fiancée was in the first a bit sceptic yet somehow i felt this would be a special night.

On the day and arrival we arrived a bit late, I called and let our host know that we ware late and yet they ware very relaxed about this. When we arrived we ware welcomed by the most friendly host I have ever met, Marija and Zaltko both opened the door and welcomed us in to their Garden. We sat down and within minute after arrival we had some local liqueur, to name a few, Wallnut, Cherry, Herbs and Spices, Japanese plumb. They shared their experience and what was clear to me is that this couple love food of highest quality. It is all about local produce, for example the wine we had was from their friend who produce about 1000 liter of wine / year.

Starter: The starter was amazing, it was prosciutto ham, Goat cheese and sausages, It was octopus salad which was so tender so the meat would melt in your moth, and it was so nice and sweet and fresh. The Olives, was picked by them and prepared by Marija her self. They also had anchovies with onion and Olive oil. I remember that the quality of the food and drink was just amazing, I have never eaten such a quality and fresh food in my life.

For Main we had Lamb and roasted potato (Peka), the lamb was sourced from a local small lamb farm with just a few hundred animals. The food was made by Zlatko who talked about his passion for food and the technique Zaltko used was so simple yet so tasty. The lamb meet fell of the bone and taste was world class.

For desert we had a pastry, with local fruit (from their garden) with ice cream. I had eaten and drinking so much so I could barely walked.

Summary: While in Dubrovnik, if you don’t book this you are missing out on something huge. There is no single restaurant in the whole town which provide such an experience and also provide such a tasty food.

If I could give them a rating, it would be 10 out of 5 and both of us have been talking about how great the experience we had with these lovely local people, but more importantly how fantastic the food was. We are already talking to go back and experience the same thing again, because it is so amazing.



London, UK July, 2020

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