This was the highlight of our trip to Dubrovnik. We loved every minute of it! It was such a unique experience and Marija and Zlatco are so genuinely kind and so happy to have you at their home. 

We started with trying their homemade cherry and walnut liquors – and grappa, of course!

Then we had candied orange peels and figs – then a large charcuterie board with prosciutto and many local cheeses and salami – and grapes from right over our heads – they grow them! Marija also makes homemade bread which is probably the best bread I’ve ever had. I couldn’t stop eating it! 

We also had bacon wrapped plums which were definitely a highlight. And then came the pica which was absolutely phenomenal- they roasted lamb and potatoes and spices over coals in their backyard for three hours! I am still thinking about that dish weeks later. 

We thought we were done and we were so full – and then Marija gave us homemade pastries with apples and raisins in them and they were to die for! 

On top of the phenomenal food, the homemade red wine was flowing all night – we never had empty glasses!

In addition to the unbelievable food and drinks – we also had so many fascinating conversations about Croatia and the war and their beliefs. Marija shared many things about her family – and we even got to meet her kids! We stayed very late and they continued to have so many conversations and fun things to say. 

We also did some dancing and laughed more than I thought possible! 

It was amazing – every single second of this. I can’t recommend it enough!!

Kerry Leary

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